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Remote workplace technology has been around for many years, however, used only by a fraction of workers. Even with the additions of tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, the use of collaboration platforms is still limited to a small number of users for narrow use cases. The limited adoption can be attributed largely to the lack of workplace standards or management norms pertaining to the use of such platforms.

According to analyst Jack Gold, “organizations need comprehensive and remote work/work-from-home business capabilities. Companies must look at UX and improve this with modern workspace capabilities or else. The challenge is not so much the tool as it is the subject, management and duration of the meeting”.

Yet Senior Editor at Large for Fortune Magazine, Geoff Colvin, has announced “remote work will become mainstream, if only because so many people will have an online meeting app and know how to use it”.

As remote work moves from the exception to the rule, it is time to learn from the experts on the emerging digital workplace.

Join us for this webinar as we explore what has changed fundamentally about work and what is just around the corner, as work from home remains the default for months if not years to come.

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