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As COVID-19 forces organizations to embrace a new normality, the importance of enhancing cloud security architecture heightens. InfoSec, DevOps, and cloud architecture professionals benefit from the rewards of moving to the cloud, while also overcoming the challenges that arise when deploying applications and workloads into multi-cloud, hybrid environments. Understanding the percentage of workloads organizations have moved to the cloud, and what percentage will be moved over the next few years, allows for current and future spend allocations to be budgeted for cloud native solutions and tooling. What cloud-based threats make an organization feel exposed and why is cloud native security a priority investment for an entire organization?

Palo Alto Networks surveyed 3,000 cloud architecture, InfoSec, and DevOps professionals across fives countries, creating a report to help you make decisions about the cloud by surfacing information based on a proprietary set of well-analyzed data.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, as we discuss their first annual State of Cloud Native Security report. Through an informative Thought Leadership session, Matt Chiodi, the Chief Security Officer of Public Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, will discuss key findings from the report and predictions for the rest of the year and beyond.

This session will also explore:

• The State of the Cloud and Cloud Native Adoption
• The State of Securing Workloads in the Cloud
• Best Practices for Securing Cloud Native Workloads

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