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Join Me At Argyle Digital: CIO Leadership Forum on December 1!

Georges Saab

VP of Development, Java

I am excited to share the (virtual) stage with and learn from tremendous digital leaders at the Argyle Digital CIO Leadership Forum on December1!

Come join me and hear from the amazing lineup of accomplished CIO leaders!

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THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Changes, Challenges, and Critical Conversations for IT Leaders to Modernize Application Development

The security and stability of business-critical applications built on Java and other popular languages, impacts the entire business, including how organizations are able respond to shifts in customer demands or market dynamics. With all of the changes your business has likely experienced this past year, it is important to ensure you are asking the right questions to understand if your IT organization is optimizing opportunities or if you are opening yourself up to risk.

In this session, Georges Saab, Vice President Of Development, Java Platform, Oracle will cover:

  • Critical questions you should be asking to assess potential risk or optimization opportunities within Java application development and management
  • Common pitfalls for organizations that are not running modern application development processes, regardless of what language your applications are built on, and how to avoid them
  • Research and real world customer stories to provide insight for success
  • Tips and takeaways that you can use now to address and improve areas of vulnerability in your organization

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