Speaker - HR Forum - Laura Lee - MGM Resorts International
June 18, 2020

Join Me At Argyle Digital: Human Resources Leadership Forum on June 18!

Laura Lee

Chief Human Resources Officer

I am excited to share the (virtual) stage with and learn from tremendous digital leaders at the Argyle Digital Human Resources Leadership Forum on June 18!

Come join me and hear from the amazing lineup of accomplished Human Resources leaders!

Scroll down for my agenda topic, or see the full agenda here: Argyle Digital: Human Resources Leadership Forum

Join Us at this Event


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Future of Work – Technology, Hiring and Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

As every great human capital leader knows, the secret to success is thinking proactively.  But even the best and brightest could not have prepared for a global shutdown, mass layoffs, and the instantaneous alteration of an entire workforce.  Looking one step ahead keeps your workforce agile and ready for what might come.  Now more than ever, leaders must focus on the future of work.  This session will revisit lessons learned during the COVID-19 shutdown, ways to develop organizational responses to the impacts of current and future crisis, and how to help hire, cultivate and reorient talent strategies.

Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities brought on by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Ways to invest in continuous learning, improve company culture and help employees adjust to the new normal
  • Identify the technology and processes that worked, and those that failed during the crisis and which types of tech smart companies are investing in now

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