Speaker - Finance Forum 2020 September - Jim Peterson - Price Chopper Supermarkets
September 15, 2020

Join Me At Argyle Digital: Finance Leadership Forum on September 15, 2020!

Jim Peterson

Chief Financial Officer

I am excited to share the (virtual) stage with and learn from tremendous digital leaders at the Argyle Digital Finance Leadership Forum on September 15!

Come join me and hear from the amazing lineup of accomplished Finance leaders!

Scroll down for my agenda topic, or see the full agenda here: Argyle Digital: Finance Leadership Forum

Join Us at this Event


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Disruption – Harnessing the Power of Change

Disruption happens unexpectedly, uprooting and changing the competitive landscape for impacted businesses. When faced with disruptive events, CFOs and finance executives are forced to quickly develop strategies in response to unforeseen circumstances. Finance teams who can adapt and pivot when faced with change, will ultimately protect their core business and benefit from harnessing the power of disruption.

Join this session to learn:

  • Finding alternate ways to compete
  • Pivoting your business during disruption
  • Investing in and adapting to change

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