Speaker - Cybersecurity Leadership Forum - Enrique Alvarez - FBI
June 04, 2020

Join Me At Argyle Digital: Cybersecurity Leadership Forum

Enrique Alvarez

Special Agent, Cyber Branch

I am excited to share the (virtual) stage with and learn from tremendous digital leaders at the Argyle Digital Cybersecurity Leadership Forum on July 23!

Come join me and hear from the amazing lineup of accomplished Cybersecurity leaders!

Scroll down for my agenda topic, or see the full agenda here: Argyle Digital: Cybersecurity Leadership Forum

Join Us at this Event


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Maximizing Your Relations with the FBI to Assist in Cybersecurity

Effectively working with the FBI as collaborative partners in the prevention, identification, and reporting of cyber threats and attacks is critical to your organization’s data protection strategies.  The FBI certainly has the resources and knowledge to assist organizations in cyberattacks.  However, sometimes it’s not easy to fully understand the breadth of involvement they can offer your team.

In this session, key takeaways will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • How to best utilize the FBI’s resources and intelligence infrastructure
  • Areas in which the FBI can assist in cybercrime prevention and response
  • Important contacts with the FBI and other supporting intelligence agencies

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