Speaker - CIO Leadership Forum - Sean Ginevan - Google
June 04, 2020

Join Me At Argyle Digital: CIO Leadership Forum on July 7!

Sean Ginevan

Head of Global Strategy & Digital Partnerships, Android Enterprise

I am excited to share the (virtual) stage with and learn from tremendous digital leaders at the Argyle Digital CIO Leadership Forum on July 7!

Come join me and hear from the amazing lineup of accomplished CIO leaders!

Scroll down for my agenda topic, or see the full agenda here: Argyle Digital: CIO Leadership Forum

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: When the World Went Mobile: Lessons on Choosing the Right Mobile Approach for Your Digital Journey

As the COVID-19 global pandemic settled on the world, mobile became the stage on which nearly all businesses relied.  Mobile provides the presentation layer and actionable data that can help drive (and sustain) a digital business, so having the right mobility strategy is key to enabling digital transformation.  In this session we’ll help you understand best practices for embracing mobility and provide real-life business examples and actionable takeaways that will help you identify the right approach for your organization.

In this session, topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • Lessons learned during the great shutdown on the importance of mobile strategy and resilience
  • Real life examples of how companies are mastering mobile strategies
  • Steps to assure your mobile strategy enhances digital transformation objectives

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