Security Architecture for Cloud Native Applications: A CISO’s Perspective - Argyle Executive Forum Events


As the cloud continues to modernize and transform the digital landscape, enterprises are adopting agile methodologies, devops practices, automation, and common cloud operating models. The need to deliver applications at a rapid pace while eliminating overhead presents organizations with new security challenges.

Addressing cybersecurity threats has become a top priority in CISO organizations, especially as cloud innovations increase the threat landscape. CISO’s are tasked with ensuring security by adopting practices to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats, while meeting strict compliance requirements.

In this webinar, Palo Alto Networks will present a security reference architecture for cloud native applications that CISO organizations can adopt to ensure that security is treated as a first-class citizen and integrated throughout the modern application development process.

Through an informative Thought Leadership session, Vinay Venkataraghavan, Cloud CTO at Palo Alto Networks, will discuss:
• The synergies of the security architecture with the objectives of the CISO organization in terms of vulnerability management, zero trust, cloud security, and DevSecOps
• How CISO organizations now view security from an architectural aspect of the wider system design and leverage tools and automation to meet the scale of cloud native paradigms

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