Re-imagining Customer Engagement & Loyalty in H2 2020 and Beyond - Argyle Executive Forum Events


Retail has to re-think. 2020 so far has shaken the foundations of traditional business models and reminds us we need to be prepared to deliver a truly omnichannel customer experience.

With an influx of new digital customers to retailers everywhere, how do brands plan to keep customers engaged and coming back to ever improving experiences? Whether that be online, in-store or fluctuating across both…customer loyalty is not a program with points and prizes, it’s a long term business strategy.

Through an informative Thought Leadership session and interactive panel discussion featuring leading digital, marketing, and ecommerce leaders, we will discuss:

  • The ability to rapidly pivot between offline and online while providing a consistent customer experience in line with changing consumer behavior.
  • How they plan to maximize digital channels – email, web, mobile, app, social and more as part of their customer engagement strategies.
  • How their teams are adapting to new ways of working to bring about agility and improved speed-to-market with communications and content
  • Where they are delivering personalized offers, product recommendations and empathetic communications to customers at scale
  • Their approaches to building long term customer loyalty and lifetime value through connected omnichannel experiences
  • Why a loyalty strategy connected to omnichannel experiences can help retailers deliver their short, medium and long term business objectives
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