NGINX (F5 Company) Argyle CIO Webinar


Did you know APIs are the most common currency for transacting in the digital world?

In fact, API’s are responsible for more than 83% of the world’s internet traffic.

The digital environment moves quickly, your customers expect a compelling, reliable digital experience… and your partners expect an easy, frictionless integration with your services.

Are your API management capabilities keeping pace?

Today, companies need an agile, evolvable solution for managing APIs. Cutting edge companies are building out “API-as-a-Service”— a secure API management cloud, either private, public, or hybrid – to consume API capabilities efficiently and effectively.

Discover how one of the largest financial services companies is building such a platform. In this interactive webinar you will delve into their real-life experiences, and explore:

  • How the trends around API adoption relate to digital transformation
  • Benefits that building an internal API cloud platform delivers to cutting-edge companies
  • A high-level vision for how you can build such a platform
  • Everyday use cases and examples, including insight from one of the world’s largest credit card companies
  • Drawbacks of not building API-as-a-Service and how it can affect your business

Plus, NGINX’s API experts will answer your specific questions in the live Q&A.

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