Managing Subscriptions at Scale - Argyle Executive Forum Events Managing Subscriptions at Scale - Argyle Executive Forum Events


Subscription businesses grow 5x faster and make up a $7 trillion dollar industry.

In 2020, the subscription economy saw exponential growth rates — yet businesses going all-in on subscriptions are experiencing operational challenges.

Finance teams are burdened with the headache of managing thousands of variations of recurring transactions at scale. It’s critical to get your processes and systems optimized now to handle your future growth for 2021.

We’ve partnered with Recurly, a leader in the subscription management & billing industry, to bring you an invite-only virtual executive roundtable to discuss these topics amongst your industry peers.


  • COVID-19 impacts on the subscription economy and insider churn benchmark data
  • Processes needed to manage recurring revenue at scale
  • How to leverage automation to save your team days of work
  • Effective tactics to dramatically decrease failed transactions


  • Exclusive, Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable — intimate group of select executives sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions
  • Interactive Digital Discussion — communicate and network with other innovative leaders via our video platform
  • Digital Discussion Download — you will receive a summary of the deep-dive discussion following the event
  • Revenue Recovery Analysis — by attending this exclusive roundtable you will qualify for a “Revenue Recovery Audit” with Recurly’s Data Analyst that will crunch how much revenue you can recover
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