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COVID 19 has accelerated digital commerce adoption beyond pre-lockdown levels.

How these digital consumer behaviors turn into long-term consistent patterns or short-term trends is on every business’ mind.

Which segments are the most affected and why?

The detailed answers to this question matter more than ever. Demography, culture, and technology are all important contributors to one of the most important questions facing business today.

Our Leadership in E-Commerce Forum explores this question in detail from the perspective of practical experience and latest applied theory.

Featuring digital pioneers from across industries and technologies this critical event will explore:

  • Why you need to not only funnel but over-invest your marketing spend toward digital channels
  • Which businesses have experienced a temporary short-term peak in demand — and what categories will be (and should be) moving online for good
  • Why you must upgrade your supply chain and fulfillment — stronger product availability, fast last-mile delivery and easy returns — to manage profitability
  • Strategies for strengthening your technological platforms to ensure personal, timely and automated customer interactions and recommendations across devices
  • Catering to the sizeable shift of elderly consumers going online
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10:55 AM - 11 AM ET

Argyle Opening Remarks

11 AM - 11:30 AM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION or FIRESIDE CHAT: How to Prepare for Demand You Cannot Predict

As e-commerce becomes essential for sustaining our economy, companies face unprecedented challenges with anticipating customers’ expectations, as well as providing the resources to fulfill them. During this session, we will reveal why the ability to adapt quickly is more important than the ability to predict accurately. We will also highlight best practices you can use to determine which aspects of your business lend themselves to an e-commerce model.

11:35 AM - 12:20 PM ET

PANEL DISCUSSION: E-Commerce Engagement Re-Imagined for Today's Customer

An effective e-commerce strategy does more than provide customers with a seamless experience with a brand regardless of where, when, how, or why customers interact with it. An e-commerce strategy is effective when it ensures that each interaction engages the customer, which, in turn, fosters loyalty, and, by extension, helps drive profitability.

Join this interactive panel discussion to learn how:

  • Companies can effectively create seamless experiences across all channels while maintaining personalized relationships,
  • To re-imagine what the ideal customer engagement can and should look like moving forward, and
  • Leveraging modern and seamless technology makes the shopping experience easy and satisfying for customers on all fronts.


Mark CohenDirector of Retail Studies, Adjunct ProfessorColumbia University, Graduate School of Business


Chris HardistySenior Vice President EcommerceClarks

Dave PhillipsDirector of eCommerce OperationsBarnes & Noble, Inc.

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM ET


Today, businesses face tremendous challenges to differentiate and adapt to ever-changing customer behavior. To win, organizations must: (1) become omni-channel businesses, (2) deliver contextual customer experiences, and (3) respond to the market fast. Join this session to learn how you can enable your organization to win in today’s digital economy.

1 PM - 1:30 PM ET

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION or FIRESIDE CHAT: Scaling from Scratch: How to Ramp Up E-Commerce

For a growing number of companies, e-commerce is synonymous with commerce. But for companies that are not accustomed to conducting business on-line, understanding e-commerce is both a top priority and a learning experience. Does your company have the resources and know-how to support e-commerce for the foreseeable future? During this session, we will outline the essential elements of building and growing a successful e-commerce business.

1:30 PM - 1:35 PM ET

Argyle Closing Remarks


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