Vox Media's Head of Data Science Discusses a New Way to Boost Ad Performance - Argyle Executive Forum Events
Amit Bhattacharyya

Amit Bhattacharyya, Head of Data Science, Vox Media will explore a new way to boost ad performance by looking at the context of the article being read at the moment rather than traditional audience segmentation. This is the major underlying theme for his presentation – Using Contextual Ad Targeting to Drive Higher Conversion Rates – at the upcoming DATAx Conference: Unlock the Power of Data Science to Make a Real World Impact, taking place on November 6-7 in New York.

In Bhattacharyya’s session on November 7, attendees can expect to take away a novel use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) applied to solve a business problem that is more and more critical as data privacy becomes more prominent.

Bhattacharyya recently identified that when using data to power decisions, the landscape is always changing because the data is always changing. He went onto say that:

“Building a flexible problem solving platform is one of the most critical steps that a business can take knowing that data, models and methods will change but the outputs will remain the same.”

Bhattacharyya offered up some great advice for recruiting and maintaining top talent and for leaders looking to build high-performance teams.

“With more and more talented people entering the market for data science jobs, hiring and retaining people with complimentary soft skills and flexible problem solving will be the primary challenge. Providing a work atmosphere that encourages continuous learning and, opportunities for leadership and engagement are the qualities that will keep top talent and reduce turnover.”

When asked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) initiatives that Vox Media is working on, Bhattacharyya shared that they are working on novel techniques for recommendations and user clustering that apply neural networks to graph networks.

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