How to Maintain Employee Engagement in the Wake of COVID-19 - Argyle Executive Forum Events
August 20, 2020


During prolonged crises such as the current pandemic, the most resilient companies are those whose core values engage employees. At a time when physical distancing is necessary for maintaining employees’ health, recognition is more essential than ever for sustaining employees’ engagement.

In fact, by recognizing employees who develop new skills and broaden their responsibilities beyond their immediate roles, companies instill values, such as dedication and collaboration, that support resilience.

As an HR leader, it’s your responsibility to help bolster engagement throughout your company. But in today’s environment, it’s not that easy.

Join us to learn how other HR executives are fostering recognition of and among employees in this new normal. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Determine priorities for establishing and sustaining engagement,
  • Articulate core values and criteria for recognizing employees whose actions reflect these values,
  • Measure the success of recognition efforts, and
  • Identify warning signs of turnover, as well as opportunities to retain top-performing employees.
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