How IT Leaders Apply Best Practices in API Management to Bring Discipline to Data - Argyle Executive Forum Events


Whether your company has participated in mergers or acquisitions, chances are that your IT team continually weighs the pros and cons of replacing a panoply of legacy systems your company has accumulated over the years. The good news is that your company can keep running its legacy systems while streamlining the manner in which these systems share and convey essential information.

During this webinar, we will highlight a case study that reveals how National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a leading worldwide provider of oil and gas drilling equipment, employs best practices with implementing application programming interfaces (APIs) to maintain its legacy systems, as well as the integrity of the company’s data, even as NOV’s IT infrastructure continues to evolve.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why replacing legacy systems often introduces far greater risks than integrating them,
  • How to use APIs to integrate data among CRM and other legacy systems, as well as business units that rely on these systems,
  • How APIs support the evolution of your IT infrastructure by delivering functionality for industry development projects, including those that leverage IoT, and
  • How to apply best practices in API management to tighten data governance while fostering collaboration that enables your company to unearth otherwise hidden revenue opportunities.
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