Finance and IT: Working Together to Innovate at the Speed of Agile- Argyle Executive Forum Events
June 16, 2020


IT and finance leaders are increasingly working together to innovate and operate agilely to find new ways to finance technology initiatives effectively.

According to Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2020 report, 56 percent of CIOs expect to implement Agile software development, DevOps, or a similar flexible IT delivery model to increase IT responsiveness and help spur innovation. So how are leading organizations doing this? Through effective CIO-CFO collaboration.

Through an informative Thought Leadership session and interactive panel discussion, we will explore the trends behind the emerging importance of this collaboration and the different flexible approaches IT and finance leaders are developing to promote innovation in funding technology initiatives. Join this webinar, in partnership with Workday and Deloitte, as we discuss:

  • The impact of IT operating model changes on technology funding and budgeting
  • How leading companies are creating long-term value by unifying their business and technology strategies
  • Best practices for CIOs and CFOs to prepare for the digital future
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1 PM - 1:05 PM ET

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