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The future of work is hybrid. Many organizations are adopting a more flexible work policy for employees to return to the office. Flexibility is a key indicator for a large majority of talent, but building an optimal workplace environment both virtually and in-person workplace may be easier said than done. How can HR leaders strategize to design a hybrid workplace that is effective for their workforce?

Join top HR leaders at FutureWork Live on October 26 – 27 to hear from key innovators in human resources leadership to discover how  you can effectively manage talent and grow your workforce in a hybrid world.

You Will Learn:

  • Strategies to develop a flexible, Agile workforce that can shift as business needs evolve
  • How to effectively attract, manage, and develop talent in the hybrid workplace
  • What’s next in HR technology, and why technology will become a key enabler of the hybrid employee experience
  • How to foster DEI and belonging in a hybrid world
  • Change management and communication strategies to help smooth over transition as the workforce recovers
  • How to nurture a positive employee experience in a distributed workforce

What to Expect at FutureWork Live Virtual

Connect with over 400+ leaders in human resources to discuss how to design the future of the employee experience. Our flagship HR event will bring together leaders in the human resources network to learn about emerging trends and best practices surrounding HR technology, diversity & inclusion, and employee well-being.

Learn from Resilient Leaders

FutureWork Live brings together like-minded leaders and executives who strive to create the best work experience for all employees. More than a conference, FutureWork Live is a conversation and collaborative celebration of the most influential voices in HR today. Hear from executives to learn how to prioritize employee well-being, belonging, and to embrace change.

Drive into Industry 4.0

Prepare your workforce for success in the age of digital disruption. Discover how to better develop talent through people analytics. Broaden your horizons and learn from leaders in HR technology to explore the possibilities of adopting innovative technology to drive organizational success.

FutureWork Live

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