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One of the biggest hurdles affecting company culture is the misalignment of workforce efforts amid changing employee expectations.

According to a recent Workplace report 66% of the global workforce were disengaged with work pre-COVID and the new normal of geographically dispersed workforces has only amplified the issue. This makes it harder than ever to understand what employees really want. 

Join this session to discover how employee expectations have changed in North America and globally, and how companies are creating more productive and engaged cultures.

What You Will Learn 

  • What Workplace’s newly published research data reveals about what your employees need to voice their needs
  • How to reshape your organization’s engagement efforts and develop feedback loops for employees
  • How you can create a culture that focuses on belonging and community
  • Ways to measure the impact of your employee engagement strategy

What to Expect 

  • Exclusive, Invitation-Only Executive Roundtable — intimate group of select executives sharing ideas, challenges, and solutions 
  • Interactive Digital Discussion — communicate and network with other innovative leaders via our video platform 
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