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The CX Leadership Forum is here to help you navigate the impact of this crisis during a tumultuous and unprecedented time. We’ve gathered pioneers in the industry who have the experience, judgment, and leadership to help you transform your CX in the current global climate.

All sessions from May 6th are now available on-demand for your viewing convenience. Below the agenda on this page, you’ll also find our virtual “exhibit hall,” where you can continue to engage our sponsors, view or download insightful take-aways they have on offer, and more.

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Total Customer Experience: Driving to the Right Outcomes

What does it take to develop a differentiated Customer Experience? Sure, systems, unified platforms make a difference, but what are the singular factors that determine how to drive your Customer’s to an Outcome vs helping them (and you) achieve the RIGHT outcome. Join MQ Qureshi as he talks about how to achieve great digital & customer experiences.

Highlights of this session include:

  • Understanding context and knowing your audience
  • Knowing what you are making
  • Planning to succeed, making it beautiful, and adding sizzle

MQ QureshiFounderXoobies

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: CX to ROI - Speaking the Same Language as Your Stakeholders

As CX professionals, it’s no surprise when we come across higher level executives who don’t necessarily understand our plans of action. So how do you get these important decision makers to listen? Speak their language. This means taking company data and transforming it into true actional value in order to explicitly convey what you need from them and why you absolutely need it. Hear from James Woloszyn from HPE tell a story on just how he was able to convert opportunities into the company’s bottom line in an effort to win over key stakeholders.

Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • Defining ROI in both a qualitative and quantitative way
  • How to capture your data and mine for insights at a fast pace
  • What happens when you get it right and what happens when you get it wrong

James WoloszynVice President, Worldwide Customer AdvocacyHewlett Packard Enterprise

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Intelligence in Customer Experience - the Pivotal Role of Automated Services & Technology

As consumers are becoming more technologically driven and savvy, so are brands. With the uptick in using technology for everyday purposes, organizations are taking advantage by implementing services and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms into their customer experience initiatives. With that in mind, it’s important for CX professionals to understand the full potential these capabilities can offer their program initiatives.

In this session, topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • Understanding benefit of integrating automated services and technologies
  • Obtaining data to understand why consumers are using these platforms for brand interaction
  • Learning the future direction(s) of these capabilities

Shiva MathurVice President Customer SuccessHCL Technologies

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Catering to Your Customer in Highly Regulated Industries

Developing tactics for customer experience and service can come together seamlessly in most industries when additional factors don’t influence the process. However, when serving the needs of consumers in organizations with strict compliance frameworks, rules and processes can look different, making it difficult for CX professionals to achieve team goals. Within these industries, CX teams must work alongside other departments to ensure they are not crossing any boundaries or laws when implementing effective plans.

In this session, topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • Understanding the processes in regulated industries for CX professionals
  • Defining and executing initiatives when other risk factors come into play
  • Comparing CX campaigns and actions that seem seamless to many brands to those of high-risk organizations


Phil BurrowsSenior Manager, Digital GrowthVerizon


Scott WilsonCustomer Experience PrincipalFedEx

Matthew LarsonSenior Director, Client ExperienceOptum

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Embracing a Mobile-First Mindset

With more than 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, mobile has quickly become the new standard for CX and marketing initiatives. Over the years mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage – and companies that develop their products and surveys using a mobile-first approach are more likely to succeed with their intended objectives. For many consumers, it’s their first interaction with a brand and they expect your mobile website to function just as well as your desktop version. That said, meeting, and/or exceeding those expectations is vital to earning loyal customers.

In this session, topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • How to effectively link your customer loyalty program with your mobile app
  • Focus on making the mobile purchasing experience seamless
  • Review of the benefits of innovative website apps
  • Utilizing customer feedback to prioritize future engagement



David Farris, MBADirector, Worldwide Customer Experience EA Sports at Electronic Arts (EA)


Michael HoffmanDirector of Ecommerce & Customer ServiceRainbow Apparel Co

Matt WilsonVP of Experience and QualityAltice USA

Jim McKeownVP of Customer Experience & MobilitySelective Insurance

Mary Salvatera Senior Creative Director, Customer ExperienceComcast, NBC Universal

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Taking a Journey-Centric Approach to Act on Your Customer's Behalf

As CX and marketing executives, you know that an exceptional customer experience can lift your brand and lead to growth. However, building engagement across the organization to put the customer at the center of your strategy can sometimes feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. How do you rally your entire organization to embed a client-first perspective within their workflows? Hear how S&P Global Market Intelligence took a journey-centric approach to ACT on their customers’ behalf and deliver superior customer experience:

Topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • Analyze and adapt: define and measure your most important customer experience interactions and build on your strengths
  • Create culture: gain internal buy-in from all functions and set goals that put that customer at the center of your strategy
  • Talent and technology: balance your resources of humans and machines for the highest quality customer touchpoints


Meredith BinderChief Marketing OfficerS&P Global Market Intelligence


Mary Salvatera Senior Creative Director, Customer ExperienceComcast, NBC Universal

Patrick WallerDirector of eCommerce - OtterBox, LifeProof, LiviriOtter Products

Sherif MityasChief Experience Officer TGI Fridays

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THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Giving a Voice to the Employee

Central to the mission of making work better for employees is establishing a communication channel between the end users and the stakeholders. Continuous monitoring and improvement of key CIO initiatives is critical to success. Hear from Claude Elle at IBM on the benefits of a continuous feedback mechanism.

Hosted by: Usabilla

Claude ElieCIO Design Research and Analytics LeadIBM

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THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Proving the Value of Customer Experience to the Business

Beyond products, services and price, companies today are competing on delivering a memorable and predictable customer experience. Competing on CX involves investments in technology, systems integration, and channel harmonization and it requires investments and proper allocation of resources.

In this session, topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • How valuable customer experience is compared to other investments
  • What aspects of customer experience are most important to consumers
  • How to calculate the value of a superior customer experience to your organization

Hosted by: ARM TreasureData

Steven TsaoDigital Marketing FuturistARM Treasure Data

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THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: The CX Skills Revolution - How to Beat the CX Slump

CX teams are having a tough time. Our latest state of the nation survey suggests that CX programs are still struggling to make an impact on the business. This can’t go on. It’s time for a CX revolution.

But what will drive the revolution?

Like any revolution – it’s about people. More specifically, the skills you have in your CX team.

In this presentation, Bob McGinn, Director of Customer Experience Consulting will share the results of the new research and highlight ways for CX professionals to really make their mark. Bob will set the stage with a look at how the world of CX looks for 2020 and focus on how CX professionals can break out of the box and drive real business change.

Join Bob to learn:

  • The key skills you need in your team (spoiler alert – it’s not all analytics!)
  • How to use those skills to have an impact across the business
  • Ways to engage with teams across the business so CX is at the heart of decision-making

Hosted by: Confirmit

Bob McGinnDirector CX ConsultingConfirmit