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Now, more than ever, organizations are turning to cloud apps to collaborate and run their businesses. However, this new architecture introduces new security risks. What are these risks and vulnerabilities and how can you best protect your organization?

To find out, Proofpoint analyzed data from more than one thousand cloud service tenants with over 20 million user accounts. According to their research, threat actors have about a 50% chance of successfully accessing an organization via cloud accounts. This demonstrates that a single compromised account can have a significant impact on an organization’s security. Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Proofpoint, for an informative session on what the data reveals about the cloud threat landscape.

We will then transition to an interactive panel discussion and explore how:

  • You can proactively detect, investigate, and defend against cybercriminals
  • To gain insight into cloud usage at global, app, and user levels
  • Organizations are benefiting from visibility into cloud threats
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1 PM - 1:05 PM ET

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1:05 PM - 1:25 PM ET

Thought Leadership Spotlight

1:25 PM - 2 PM ET

Panel Discussion

2 PM - 2:10 PM ET

Audience Q&A

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