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As reopening plans take shape, companies will rely on HR executives to develop employee-centric approaches to re-entry while sustaining workforce resiliency.

This webinar will bring together HR experts who will discuss how companies can enable employees to remain productive and engaged whether they work remotely or from the same locations. We will also highlight best practices in HR for fostering communication and collaboration in times of uncertainty and beyond. In addition, we will describe how companies can apply advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to support decisions while streamlining processes concerning HR.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how HR leaders can:

  • Determine what skills and experience companies should seek as they refine existing roles and define new roles,
  • Adapt recruitment and hiring strategies to reflect the extent to which companies need employees to work from specific locations to perform their jobs,
  • Provide personalized training to enable employees to master and maintain the skills their companies require, and
  • Automate routine tasks, eliminate inefficient workflows, and better inform decisions with regard to recruiting, hiring, assessing, and developing employees.
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