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A few years ago, Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist with Booz Allen Hamilton, stated that data scientists are merely “data plumbers,” and 80% of their time is typically invested in fixing and cleaning existing data. As a result, data scientists feel hindered in providing organizational value as digital-first competitors are damaging market positioning with superior data and analytics.

With practices in place, enterprise architects and CIOs can implement strong “data defense” systems, so their organizations will leverage their data and data professionals will shift to advancing other internal data and intelligence capabilities.

Join Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Boomi, as we discuss:

• Best practices for extracting old data and marrying it with new findings
• The correlation between effective data and profitability
• Developing a sustainable organization plan for data trust and maintenance
• Finding the benefits between efficient data the value of machine learning models

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Accelerating Your Data Capabilities For Organizational Growth